3 Natural Mold Removal Products

3 Natural Mold Removal Products

Molds are a deadly fungus which tends to grow in areas where there are high moisture and humidity. In most cases, molds grow during the cold seasons, but they can also develop in the houses that have moist or high humidity caused to poor ventilation. If the molds stay for too long before they get cleared, they can cause various effects to people, pets, and the house as well.

For example, if the molds remain in the house for long before you eliminate them, they release spores which move to different corners of the house thus affecting the entire home. Also, the mold spores can affect people with asthma and even small children.

Therefore, to safeguard your family and the house from mold formation, use the following products to remove mold from home.

Top Best Mold Removal Products

3 Natural Mold Removal Products

  • Vinegar

Vinegar is a reliable solution to use if you want to clear off the mold that has grown on the wall. The best thing is that you can combine vinegar with other products and still get excellent results. All you are required to do is spray vinegar on the affected part of the house, leave it for a few minutes let’s say 10 to 15. This solution works by loosening the molds that are attached to the wall thus making it easy to clean it. Also, it prevents the pores from floating on air. After 10 to 15 minutes, get a brush and scrub the area with mold before rinsing it with a damp cloth. Note that you can also spray vinegar in the house as a remedy to control the dispersing of the mold spores since it kills up to 82 percent of mold spores on the air.

3 Natural Mold Removal Products

  • Tea Tree Oil

Treetop oil is a practical solution that works magic in eliminating molds in the house. Although it may cost you a few dollars as opposed to other solutions, the best parts are that it is quite useful and you don’t need to use much when removing mold on the affected surface. Just add two tablespoons of treetop oil to two cups of water and mix the two solutions. Using a spray gun, spray the solution on the mold area and leave it for few minutes. This solution helps to kill the mold spores that may be in that section thus preventing it from getting dispersed in other corners of the house. After a few days, you can scrub off the green substance from the wall.

3 Natural Mold Removal Products

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can either be used alone or mix it with vinegar for better results. Add two cups of hydrogen peroxide, and one cup of vinegar mix them and spray the mixture on the surfaces with molds. Leave it for a few minutes and then clean the surface using dump clothe.


Once you notice the mold forming in your house, it is advisable that you take measures to ensure that it is completely removed to prevent it from extending to other areas in the home. Use the above products to clear the mold since they work perfectly and are readily available in different outlets. However, mold remediation services are the best way to stop a recurring mold problem. If you find yourself in a situation where mold habitually returns, then it is advisable to hire a mold pro remover.