Preventing Injuries during Weightlifting

Preventing Injuries during Weightlifting

Weight lifting has become a very popular sport that people participate in all over the U.S. and abroad. Over the years, both men and women are involved in competitive sports, while others watch to see how well they perform. Weight lifting can also be used by those who are looking to become healthier and physically fit. Therefore, there are many different reasons why people start training in this sport. Before getting started, however, it is essential that people avoid common injuries by wearing protective gear like the knee sleeves. Since the knees are not difficult to injure, it is best to follow the guidelines and techniques of trainers by wearing protective gear that will protect the body from being damaged. Here are 3 effective ways to prevent injuries during weight lifting activities.



1. Warm Up Before Lifting to Prevent Injuries

As with any sport, warming up is pivotal to performing at the maximum best. Though the regimens that people use to warm can differ greatly from one to another, a regular routine is essential to do before starting these types of activities. For instance, some people spend their time warming up by walking or running on a treadmill in order to increase their overall endurance. Others may decide to warm up by performing different stretching exercises to avoid damaging their ligaments. The choice is up to the individual and their trainer if the weight lifters have employed one. In fact, whatever the routine or warm up process that is used, it is really important that the individual takes time out to complete these activities so that they can prevent injuries during weightlifting training.


2. Made Sure to Use Proper Form

If you are going to participate in weightlifting, you must know the right techniques to use and the proper form. So, before getting started, you may need to solicit the help of a trainer or someone who is familiar with the techniques that’s used in these activities. If not, you may be find that you have sustained an injury that could have easily been prevented. In fact, based on information published online, some of the more common and preventable injuries are due to not using the proper form when picking up the different weights.

Preventing Injuries during Weightlifting

3. Breathe – Don’t Hold Your Breath

Learning what to do and what not to do can be challenging when starting out with weight training. Therefore, there are some common errors that can occur simply because people do not know what they supposed to do in different situations. One common concern is not being familiar with the requirements of breathing. Typically, this is true since people tend to hold their breath when they get started. However, as time goes by, breathing becomes natural and second nature to lifting the weight the proper way.


4. Over Training and Injuries

Though weight lifting training routines are different from one person to another, there are some things that everyone has in common. One, in specific, involves the body and its need to rest. So, for those people who are tempted to overtrain their body, it is important to think twice. This is especially true since the body is made to move but also to rest and recover. Simply put, if you over train, you may pay the price in sustaining unnecessary injuries to the knee joints and other parts of the body.